BBQ Stainless Steel Telescopic Extendable Dinner Fruit Dessert Long Fork 501 Original

$5,54Скидка: 47%
  • Производитель: newfrog
  • Модель: 501 Original


Описание и характеристики

Features:Too lazy to leave the sofa and fetch that plate of cocktail sausages on the sideboard? Just use the extendable fork to help yourself to someCan't be bothered to ask someone to pass you the fries? Again the extendable fork will reach out to them without you leaving your placeBut the moment the coast is clear you can prolong it by a whopping 64cm and reach out to that extra helping of cake on the slyOr you could use them to toast marshmallows by the fireMaterial: Stainless SteelLength: Approx. 22-64cm/ 8.66-25.20" (Adjustable)

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